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  • Submitted by EatmeTwice on Sep 29, 11 at 11:37am

    I predict one of you dies. Probably the magician.

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    Submitted by Phys on Sep 29, 11 at 12:15pm

    I hope they try out the saw a person in half trick for you

  • Submitted by tg03 on Sep 29, 11 at 1:18pm

    You should also rent the Guiness Guy so everytime u tell someone this idea he can pop out and yell "Brilliant!"

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    Submitted by Vagenius420 on Sep 29, 11 at 12:49pm


  • Submitted by sevensevenseven on Sep 29, 11 at 6:56pm

    Don't do it! It has freakout written all over it.

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    Submitted by porksword on Sep 29, 11 at 11:40am

    Saw Siegfried and Roy while shrooming, try a hypnotist if you like to warp realities.

  • Submitted by Nostradamus on Sep 30, 11 at 1:56am

    Sounds badass, but has bad news written all over it...

  • Submitted by bossman44 on Sep 29, 11 at 12:07pm

    You are pathetic

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      Submitted by ultan007 on Oct 1, 11 at 5:00pm

      i dont like you