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  • Submitted by parsons41286 on Jun 21, 11 at 6:56pm

    She's gonna be under the sea, in an octopus' garden, in the shade

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    Submitted by BrendanA on Jun 21, 11 at 5:52pm

    Maybe she was going diving in the drunk tank.

  • Submitted by enormoustard on Jun 23, 11 at 2:20am

    The "Enchantment Under The Sea" dance at Hill Valley High? Is Marty McFly aka Calvin Klein gonna try to steal the show from Marvin Berry?

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    Submitted by LuluTheGuy on Jun 23, 11 at 9:27pm

    ...that's gonna be 1 hell of a party

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    Submitted by donkey4u on Jun 21, 11 at 3:30pm

    sounds like a good time!

  • Submitted by Jessikay619 on Jun 22, 11 at 8:16am

    God I miss california...

  • Submitted by ViolentMilk on Jun 21, 11 at 4:17pm

    If you can buy liquor at the grocery store in California, I'd settle for that.

  • Submitted by melonhead99 on Jun 21, 11 at 7:18pm

    I want to go to there