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  • Doing the same thing right now haha. It's awesome!!

    Submitted by jibbs91 on Apr 15, 11 at 10:17pm
  • What a trooper

    Submitted by CMoney12391 on Apr 15, 11 at 8:49pm
  • Ah, finals. Positive spirit!

    Submitted by hpd1344 on Apr 15, 11 at 7:27pm
  • If this is anything like my dreams, the librarian is a sexy redhead with glasses who let's the alcohol lower her sexual inhibitions. \n\nIf this is anything like my reality, the librarian is a chubby, bearded guy who let's the alcohol make him vomit over my favorite set of books.

    Submitted by maskedman on Apr 16, 11 at 10:05am
  • Reppin Minnesota

    Submitted by steeezewitheeeze on Apr 15, 11 at 10:20pm
  • Lol sounds like me. Let's be friends.

    Submitted by h3li0 on Apr 15, 11 at 4:29pm