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  • Wonderboyo your a total buzz kill.

    Submitted by bee222 on Apr 7, 11 at 12:10am
  • she must be some crazy person then...who would be put off by that?!

    Submitted by yfz501 on Apr 6, 11 at 10:56am
  • I know that area code, If you are 10th Mountain I completely understand.

    Submitted by EMTPirate on Apr 6, 11 at 11:36am
  • Wtf.................

    Submitted by babykarma2005 on Apr 6, 11 at 10:24am
  • I love how people always complain about this app, do us all a favor and just delete it! I hate buzzkills! You should've known what kind of website this is, just because you're bitter about your life doesn't mean you have to bitch on here cause trust me, your conplaining does nothing to help

    Submitted by bunny420 on Apr 6, 11 at 11:34pm
  • If you ever become a parent: you will be amazed that she did not simply end you.\nThis app seems to be the recorded messages of useless drunks and dispensors of STD's. Not amusing at all once you have achieved actual adulthood.

    Submitted by wonderboyo on Apr 6, 11 at 8:53pm
    • I'm a 30 year old well-respected professional, and I find these texts far more hilarious now that I'm older. It reminds me of all my wacky, youthful indiscretions. Lighten up, I feel bad for whoever shares a home with you!

      Submitted by long_dong_silver on Apr 6, 11 at 9:02pm
    • The youth will never understand the wisdom of old age but the old should not forget the foolishness of youth.

      Submitted by shobiz1408 on Apr 6, 11 at 11:09pm
  • Staring at HER BABY'S breasts?!?!

    Submitted by MJJ4EVER on Apr 6, 11 at 11:43am