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    Submitted by dat_azz_69 on Mar 16, 11 at 9:39am

    recipe for horrendous mistakes

  • Submitted by manlaw6 on Mar 16, 11 at 9:43am

    Sounds like a party full of douchebags. No thanks.

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    Submitted by RuralNinja on Mar 16, 11 at 11:03am

    Everclear shots. When you're such an alcoholic that nothing less than 95% alcohol will do.

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    Submitted by scarab on Mar 16, 11 at 1:03pm

    "What do you mean by there is no L in Steve?"

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    Submitted by Dioneo on Mar 16, 11 at 4:57pm

    Amazing how many people you can fit in a double-wide.

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    Submitted by ooohhhyeahhh on Mar 30, 11 at 6:25am

    that sounds like an amazing night!

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    Submitted by CatSnatchFever on Mar 16, 11 at 12:33pm

    Free Looney Tunes cartoons for all my (boozy) friends! I swear - chicks dig them. I swear...

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    Submitted by eresh on Mar 16, 11 at 11:54am

    This night can only end well.

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    Submitted by yfz501 on Mar 16, 11 at 12:24pm

    nothing makes a terrible tattoo worse than getting a disease with no cure as a bonus, since im sure he didn't bring an autoclave or clean needles

    • Submitted by AliceWonderStar on Mar 18, 11 at 3:04pm

      so u assume cuz the guy went to a party w his tat stuff it was all unclean and shit...really?? Wow, assuming really does make an ASS out of U...

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        Submitted by yfz501 on Mar 19, 11 at 10:36am

        alice, so youre my one thumb down...and yes i am assuming thats how i keep from getting diseases from tattoos i have several myself but im picky on who does them...the random dude with a backpack is not touching me especially drunk

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    Submitted by looseendz on Mar 22, 11 at 1:37am

    I do the tattoos at parties too! :D just can't have more than 3 shots if I'm still going to work

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    Submitted by fumbduck on Mar 16, 11 at 12:12pm

    where are the pics from this night of partying, i have a feeling the tattoos will be HILARIOUS.

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    Submitted by letsgetwasted on Mar 17, 11 at 1:02am

    Yes...because that sounds safe.

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    Submitted by Nasty on Mar 16, 11 at 1:44pm


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    Submitted by ledzec on Mar 16, 11 at 9:10am

    Nice imagination.

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    Submitted by yeagerbomb on May 29, 12 at 1:24am

    Sounds like a rugby team party at SOU...

  • Submitted by cassichartrand on Mar 17, 11 at 11:19am

    Ohh everclear <3

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    Submitted by AliceWonderStar on Mar 18, 11 at 3:03pm

    OMG...I have been to one of those parties. lol.

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    Submitted by BrosambaBinLaden on Nov 2, 11 at 4:41am

    Yeah UofO doin it big