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  • Submitted by brigantia on Feb 26, 11 at 1:21pm

    I absolutely love this.

  • Submitted by teh_lulz on Feb 26, 11 at 9:15pm

    I fucking love cats!

  • Submitted by andthelion on Feb 26, 11 at 9:31am

    dude. how fucking cute. I love this. contrary to how weird it would be if it were a guy, I'd still love it.

  • Submitted by ilovewhores on Feb 26, 11 at 11:09am

    pussy is his best friend

  • Submitted by clownboy91 on Feb 26, 11 at 11:27am

    who wouldn't wanna be best friends with a pussy?

  • Submitted by CapN_Winky on Feb 26, 11 at 10:18am

    Weren't crazy cat ladies enough?

  • Submitted by cmwings on Feb 26, 11 at 9:14am

    ...but when a guy lives alone with a cat it's weird...

  • Submitted by SALIA on Feb 27, 11 at 2:06am

    Better his cat than his mom.

  • Submitted by lemothelemon on Feb 27, 11 at 9:47pm

    Aaaaw that's fucking cute!

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    Submitted by timetravel on Dec 13, 12 at 9:49am

    That's what u tell yourself to feel better About fucking a married man?

  • Submitted by Try_Cry_Die on Feb 26, 11 at 1:12pm

    Ooo yea baaad.. gtfo pronto