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  • Submitted by 186 on Feb 1, 11 at 4:26pm

    I'd laugh if it was Viagra or something...

  • Submitted by Figuratively on Feb 1, 11 at 2:57pm

    Really? You couldn't have googled it before you chewed it up? I love doing drugs, but I'm completely against not even knowing what I'm taking.

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      Submitted by Saibot on Feb 1, 11 at 7:51pm

      Googled what exactly? "Random pill underneath couch: What is it?"

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        Submitted by quwoosh on Feb 1, 11 at 8:28pm

        there are specific sights that help you identify the pill you have by asking you for a description and providing you with pictures in order to find out what it could possibly be.

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    Submitted by 310/951/805 on Feb 1, 11 at 4:02pm

    I've never had a pill that could be confused as candy, or vice versa

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      Submitted by secondsucks on Feb 2, 11 at 10:43am

      Well, when I was young, I used to think tic tacs and smarties were pills. I took them for headaches.

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    Submitted by SchoolBusFire on Feb 2, 11 at 11:28am

    I really want to see the text 30 minutes later.

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    Submitted by englishfuck on Feb 2, 11 at 12:21am

    if it taste like shit its probably E

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    Submitted by NewoIkkin on Mar 26, 11 at 3:52am

    It was probably Excedrin.

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    Submitted by lightblue95 on Feb 5, 11 at 1:10am

    Secondsucks: you rock!!!

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    Submitted by sexyemily on Feb 1, 11 at 11:55pm

    Wooow zachs jealousy is already showing!

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    Submitted by momo360 on Feb 2, 11 at 1:33pm

    how'd it turn out?

  • Submitted by zachneedg2 on Feb 1, 11 at 2:08pm

    |\n| This guy is going to be an awesome troll. \n| SECOND!\n|\nV

  • Submitted by vfhmvycvnhdx on Feb 1, 11 at 2:05pm