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  • Submitted by jonathan171 on Jan 29, 11 at 4:50pm

    "Lawrence, you awake?"\n"Yeah."\n"You wanna come over?"\n"No thanks, man. I don't want you fucking up my life too."

  • Submitted by ElectricBuckeye on Jan 29, 11 at 6:42pm

    Hey Peter, turn on channel 9, check out this chick!

    • Submitted by iluvmy65 on Jan 29, 11 at 11:00pm

      its the breast exam.

  • Submitted by stcharly on Jan 29, 11 at 5:23pm

    Ahh, a true Tennessee bonding moment, courtesy of Memphis and Chattaboogie.

  • Submitted by thirstyk on Jan 30, 11 at 12:51pm

    and you're complaining?

  • Submitted by cassadi on Jan 30, 11 at 4:10am

    Fuck yeah!!!!

  • Submitted by sexygirl83 on Jan 29, 11 at 4:19pm