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  • It was likely a good time. The negative comments are unnecessary. I've said it before: This is not a site for the righteous.

    Submitted by said8ED on Jan 19, 11 at 7:11pm
  • Check out comedian Bill Hicks, he put it best. Did every drug under the sun, had a great fuckin time, didn't lose a job, kill a child, didn't go on welfare, and lived to laugh about it. What killed him you ask? Lung cancer. Courtesy of those legal boxes of death sticks you buy at the gas station.. Pity too. Funny mother fucker he was.

    Submitted by MVD on Jan 20, 11 at 1:44am
  • WOAH negative nancies. Chill out. People make their own choices, and thats not gonna change because you mock them on a website. Plus, a weed/mushies/salvia pot luck would be all natural. No heart stopper there.

    Submitted by ashes811 on Jan 19, 11 at 9:44pm
  • He has no good drugs of his own. he's inviting u and whatever u got and calling it a pot luck lol. Jk.

    Submitted by ambur on Jan 19, 11 at 7:36pm
  • Taipan, you're a goddamn douche

    Submitted by 420toker on Jan 20, 11 at 12:54am
  • Why do people still give taipan attention? You realize that's the only reason for him to keep coming to a site completely opposed to everything he stands for right?

    Submitted by fuckaname on Jan 20, 11 at 3:32am
    • Everyone has a right to be here. This site isn't necessarily JUST about copious amounts of drugs, alcohol, and sluttiness. Some of the texts are genuinely funny. You all act like a view on drugs that isn't your own is the apocalypse.

      Submitted by Taipan on Jan 20, 11 at 8:30am
  • No, no it won't be magical. It WILL be stupid tho

    Submitted by jprincess on Jan 20, 11 at 5:51pm
  • Fuck negativity!! That's what I call a gooood time:) live life, don't be a pussy.

    Submitted by Kat1014 on Jan 19, 11 at 8:07pm
  • wow y so negative can u say stuck the fuck up sounds like a great time to me i wanna come to the nxt one!!

    Submitted by sabrinea91 on Jan 20, 11 at 1:57am
  • lolz. Taipan's being a dickhole again.

    Submitted by FartsAtWork on Jan 20, 11 at 12:11am
  • How can anyone be against a drug pot luck? Jesus. Firstly, this implies that this is a long event and that they have choices--they don't necessarily have to mix. Secondly, you can mix some drugs without issue. I mean, you've never smoked pot while you were drunk? Did your heart stop? Yeah, no.

    Submitted by monicamischief on Jan 20, 11 at 11:12am
  • Awesome

    Submitted by Ezduzit88 on Jan 21, 11 at 1:18pm
  • That's a stupid text. You're stupid.

    Submitted by CheckOne on Jan 19, 11 at 4:33pm
  • I hope you have an overdose and die

    Submitted by xdanixo on Jan 19, 11 at 5:51pm
  • I'm sure it will be magical... until your heart stops and everyone else is too out of it to call 911.

    Submitted by Taipan on Jan 19, 11 at 5:48pm
    • Because of course everyone who ever does drugs always gets a heart attack.

      Submitted by quwoosh on Jan 19, 11 at 10:52pm
      • Yes, that's totally what I said. Anyway, it sounds like they're going to be mixing drugs, which can put strain on vital organs and probably isn't a good idea in general.

        Submitted by Taipan on Jan 19, 11 at 11:17pm