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  • Submitted by Kensaru on Jan 7, 11 at 12:08pm

    Funny thing is, he's Mexican.

  • Submitted by FartsAtWork on Jan 7, 11 at 9:48am

    Pussies do spanish. For a real challenge try Korean.

  • Submitted by lilbabymarj on Jan 7, 11 at 3:02pm

    Challenge accepted.

  • Submitted by mehrnnaz90 on Feb 2, 11 at 3:40am

    This is so gooooooooooooooood!!!

  • Submitted by mickeysmith24 on Jan 7, 11 at 9:19am

    Yeahhhh, I've soo done that. Not the best luck.

  • Submitted by MAATT_DAAAMON on Jan 7, 11 at 10:45am

    Did you get the idea from Dora?

  • Submitted by Waterborne on Jan 7, 11 at 5:46pm

    Ok dumbass, how many ATMs do you see with a Korean option? Besides, kimchee stinks.

  • Submitted by teezmepleez85 on Jan 14, 11 at 7:32pm

    I'm doing that this weekend!! Is there a burrito option? Xtra cheese plz!

  • Submitted by moonlit_manga on Jan 7, 11 at 10:11am


  • Submitted by shane024 on Jan 7, 11 at 11:09pm


  • Submitted by city_girl99 on Jan 7, 11 at 8:10pm

    Haha yes!

  • Submitted by hotblondie1239 on Jan 7, 11 at 9:19pm

    Hahahaha!! Soul mates!!

  • Submitted by stephariel920 on Jan 9, 11 at 11:00pm

    Omg please be from sheboygan lol there is nothing better to do in this town but drink!

  • Submitted by getdatmercedes on Nov 20, 11 at 2:48am


  • Submitted by xandrasm on Jan 8, 11 at 1:12am

    Nothing better than making a drunk work for his money! Well done, amigo.