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  • Submitted by irishcowboy on Dec 8, 10 at 1:32pm

    GOD DAMN, everything about this post represents everything I love about America!

  • Submitted by IhateFrance on Dec 8, 10 at 8:54pm


  • Submitted by margottenenbaum on Dec 8, 10 at 6:27pm

    haha irishcowboy you are exactly right

  • Submitted by cfreymarc on Dec 8, 10 at 11:29pm

    Works! About the only thing missing is dropping whiskey in the McFlurry machine before the store manager was fired by the district manager that one summer.

  • Submitted by saintsnow on Dec 8, 10 at 6:30pm

    Haha yes!!! Thats awsome

  • Submitted by bongrippa on Dec 8, 10 at 11:34pm

    gotta love America! and boobs.

  • Submitted by BOOM7 on Dec 10, 10 at 5:10am


  • Submitted by fmehard11 on Dec 21, 10 at 9:20pm

    this would be from fat ass detroit <3

  • Submitted by tjisnumbaone on Dec 9, 10 at 7:28pm


  • Submitted by blzerx on Dec 13, 10 at 1:10am

    kinda like the time i got the subway to sing the mcnuggets song

  • Submitted by fuckcanada on Dec 14, 10 at 12:00pm

    Hell yes america