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  • Submitted by seniorsuave on Nov 17, 10 at 10:59am

    Horny drunk chick ftw

  • Submitted by stayfly101 on Nov 17, 10 at 11:16am

    Drunk chick wantin some teen dick... Haha

  • Submitted by Taipan on Nov 17, 10 at 2:23pm

    Don't try to sugarcoat it sweetheart, you are what you are.

  • Submitted by said8ED on Nov 17, 10 at 11:32am

    Drunk girls rock!

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    Submitted by AreYouShittinMe on Nov 23, 10 at 10:48pm

    Now I'll relate this little bit\nThis happens more than I'd like to admit\nLate at night she knocks on my door\nShe's drunk again and lookin' to score\n\nNow I know I should say no\nBut that's kind of hard when she's ready to go\nI may be dumb\nBut I'm not a dweeb\nI'm just a sucker with no self esteem

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    Submitted by lickthebutton on Nov 18, 10 at 6:44am

    Stay classy Long Island.

  • Submitted by aliaspassword on Nov 17, 10 at 5:12pm

    @ hentailover, thanks :)

  • Submitted by hentailover on Nov 17, 10 at 2:03pm

    @puno some of us are using the iPhone app. We don't have that's a web exclusive thing...

  • Submitted by zelig on Nov 17, 10 at 2:41pm

    Happened to me on Friday, only knew her for 30 mins before she jumped me... I wonder if this is her

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    Submitted by Michguy on Nov 18, 10 at 7:25am


  • Submitted by cfreymarc on Nov 18, 10 at 7:16am

    Drink and horny at my door? Better than pizza and wings delivered!

  • Submitted by H8torade on Nov 17, 10 at 11:46am

    @prick_scott you're a fucking cock sucking dumbshit

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      Submitted by Puno on Nov 17, 10 at 12:06pm

      There is a reply function.

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        Submitted by Smartastic on Nov 18, 10 at 12:16am

        There's only a reply function on the computer, not on the phone.

        • Submitted by ShotDownSEAL92 on Nov 24, 10 at 4:39am

          Actually. Im using a phone. I appear capable of replying

  • Submitted by gr8nate on Nov 17, 10 at 1:47pm

    Rick Scott--Tired!!!

  • Submitted by rick_scott on Nov 17, 10 at 11:04am

    You're literally fired!

  • Submitted by Swimstud1606 on Nov 17, 10 at 5:11pm

    That reminds me of a song...

  • Submitted by niceman on Nov 17, 10 at 8:11pm

    Must be a white girl