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  • Submitted by Smartastic on Nov 13, 10 at 1:47pm

    ur missin out, my best fuck ever was a gorgeous redhead, but we dated for years so emotions were involved.

  • Submitted by H8torade on Nov 13, 10 at 4:41pm

    I voted down on this because my ex was a redhead and she gave me some good fuckings.

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    Submitted by dannyboy1877 on Nov 14, 10 at 9:51am

    I must gingerly decline

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    Submitted by ttesroD on Nov 13, 10 at 5:07pm

    If you see that the title is "Nad Biter" then why even watch it? You must have known that there was something horrible involved, and yet you couldn't stop yourself. I fail to see your reasoning.

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    Submitted by Barbarossa on Nov 13, 10 at 10:52pm

    redheads = sex incarnate

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    Submitted by PonchoWTF_0 on Nov 14, 10 at 12:07am

    Wolverine to Spider Man: "You know who fucks good? Redheads"\n*Fist pump*

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    Submitted by keysplease on Nov 13, 10 at 9:18pm

    Hey KY-I'm a redhead. Don't know what you're missing!

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    Submitted by cfreymarc on Nov 14, 10 at 6:01am

    Brunette for the safe man. Blonde for the daring man. Redhead for the man walking near a death wish. The latter has the most fun!

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    Submitted by arthurlux on Nov 14, 10 at 9:56pm

    I'm so sorry for your loss.

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    Submitted by ganjainmybrain on Dec 20, 10 at 2:10pm

    Redheads are hot as fuck or ugly as shit

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    Submitted by BrandonT on Nov 15, 10 at 3:20pm

    more for me

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    Submitted by 2jzstang on Jul 27, 11 at 1:23am

    My bf is a ginger and is great in bed.... Although he still has the gingervitis and souless

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    Submitted by rangrjmc on Nov 16, 10 at 7:40am

    Definately thumbs down redheads are amazing in bed

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    Submitted by cupidsfailure07 on Nov 16, 10 at 12:41am

    as a brunette...and have redheaded friends...I hear their good but I've been told I was better. Not cocky just being honest...shouldn't stereo type girls. Just like not all black men have big dicks...very false statement

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    Submitted by YoungGun on Nov 14, 10 at 10:21pm

    Hey smArtastic thanks for your life story bro...