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    Submitted by Seanzieboi on Oct 8, 10 at 3:50am

    It works. Buy the whole nutmeg cloves, crush and eat them (only 2 or 3). Taste like ass but way worth it. Careful though to much is toxic.

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    Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 6, 10 at 1:46pm

    You mean desperate?

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    Submitted by said8ED on Oct 6, 10 at 5:10pm

    Nutmeg plugs my nose

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    Submitted by ThaBusiness on Oct 6, 10 at 10:28am

    Did that once, took until the next day to hit me. I figured out I was high when I stopped noticing that cars were stopping in front of me.

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    Submitted by magnumcorpus on Oct 6, 10 at 10:47am

    O don't think I smoked enuf

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      Submitted by ThaBusiness on Oct 6, 10 at 10:54am

      You don't smoke it, you eat it. Like with milk.

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    Submitted by iitzzilk on Oct 6, 10 at 10:07pm

    Be careful, if you inject nutmeg into your blood stream it will kill you. In other words, don't get so drunk that you do something that dumb.

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    Submitted by equinoxe on Oct 6, 10 at 10:49am

    I'm going snipe hunting later. Wanna come?

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    Submitted by masterdebate on Oct 6, 10 at 10:14am


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      Submitted by said8ED on Oct 6, 10 at 12:59pm blow

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    Submitted by britt0 on Oct 7, 10 at 1:30am

    Idle Hands much?

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    Submitted by CrimsonRegret on Nov 30, 10 at 12:08am

    Nutmeg works. It took me and my friend 9 hours to get the high. It felt like we were stoned, then everything felt like silk, I spent a good 40 minutes conducting a massive orchestra in my head.(hallucinating anything I wanted to hear) it was a great high.

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      Submitted by mauiwowie on Dec 9, 10 at 8:25pm

      i hate to brake it to you, but everyone has the ability to "hallucinate" hearing whatever they want in their head whether they are high or not...

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    Submitted by mauiwowie on Oct 6, 10 at 11:28pm