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  • Submitted by parsons41286 on Oct 3, 10 at 2:01pm

    Like Nick Swardson said, "Hangin out with a baby around is like being with your most hammered friend. 'Why you cryin? Can you talk? Guys, he can't talk...He just threw up, sick!'"

  • Submitted by jbwarner86 on Oct 3, 10 at 4:46pm

    And they don't even pay rent, the lousy bums.

  • Submitted by DCThrope on Oct 3, 10 at 9:44am

    Toddlers are crazier and you're not supposed to punt 'em like footballs.

  • Submitted by iAManAIRPLANE on Oct 3, 10 at 9:29am

    Me too

  • Submitted by EJS4 on Oct 3, 10 at 11:44am

    That's funny.

  • Submitted by dr_stranglove on Oct 3, 10 at 10:32am

    mmmmmm..... Baby, the other white meat

  • Submitted by everforsaken on Oct 5, 10 at 12:02am

    Wow... It's so true....

  • Submitted by buster_hymen on Oct 4, 10 at 1:43am

    "It's like having drunken midgets around the house"... From Denis Leary's stand-up back in '97.

  • Submitted by gettinbitchez on Oct 3, 10 at 11:26pm

    i thought i was the only one who thought that. damn

  • Submitted by just_a_angel on Oct 26, 10 at 12:47pm

    If a toddler could talk it would probably be "y the fuck r u so big?" or "y the fuck am I not that big?"

  • Submitted by mbaker157 on Oct 3, 10 at 9:25am

    1st. Betch.

  • Submitted by merrick_08 on Oct 9, 11 at 1:17am

    they know what's up