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  • Submitted by BD78 on Sep 25, 10 at 5:02pm

    At least they didn't smell like the tears of scared, child strippers.

  • Submitted by venusvsmars on Sep 25, 10 at 10:37am

    trying too hard to be funny

  • Submitted by archer79 on Sep 25, 10 at 11:32am


  • Submitted by christiana583 on Sep 26, 10 at 3:43am

    This ones actually a little creepy. I don't like it.

  • Submitted by mogmog on Sep 25, 10 at 1:29pm

    How'd you get into Peewee Hermans' house?

  • Submitted by DomWalter on Sep 25, 10 at 10:36pm

    Wasnt that line from family guy?

  • Submitted by Gig on Sep 25, 10 at 11:52am

    They say the sense of smell is the sense that is most strongly tied to memories...

  • Submitted by sethisback1 on Sep 25, 10 at 10:35am


  • Submitted by Patrick on Sep 27, 10 at 2:43am

    I think we're set as far as 'She tasted like whore', 'my room smells like shame', 'I'm full of vodka and fear' texts go. Push it forward.

  • Submitted by silverfox_z on Sep 25, 10 at 10:40am

    I wish my room was like that

  • Submitted by rikie83 on Sep 25, 10 at 3:34pm

    Hahahahaha, mogmog is awesome. I love you. Lol

  • Submitted by kandy4fools on Sep 25, 10 at 11:26am

    This is some funny shit.

  • Submitted by CatSnatchFever on Sep 25, 10 at 10:42am

    Add up those three scents and it just smells like ass.

  • Submitted by toddyppmc on Sep 25, 10 at 4:59pm

    you got to hang out with chuck norris?!