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  • Submitted by DeezNuts62 on Sep 20, 10 at 9:17am

    "Never have I ever participated in whore-ish activities just so I can have an advantage in never have I ever." Yep put another finger down.

  • Submitted by K66Aggression on Sep 20, 10 at 7:59am

    this is perfectly acceptable seeing as no man should complain in that situation

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Sep 20, 10 at 6:15am

    This one makes me giggle like a drunk bitch

  • Submitted by niceman on Sep 20, 10 at 10:38am

    Sarah Palin, you are way too old for that game.

  • Submitted by freeminded on Sep 20, 10 at 7:09am

    Wow, I did NOT know that this was the way to convience your girlfriend to have sex at various locations!

  • Submitted by Mazanco on Sep 20, 10 at 8:23pm

    Put a finger down? What's the US version of never have I ever? Here (in France) whoever has done it before drinks a shot. Why do you put fingers down?

    • Submitted by Best_Friend on Sep 21, 10 at 3:32am

      the non-drinking version uses ten fingers and as you have done something said, you put a finger down. \nThe drinking one is more fun.

      • Submitted by Mazanco on Sep 21, 10 at 7:30am

        Thanks. It didn't even occur to me that there could be a non drinking version. I think I live on the right side of the pond when it comes to alcohol :)

        • Submitted by skootles on Sep 21, 10 at 4:17pm

          Canadian here and I've never heard of the non-drinking version either.

  • Submitted by jrosenroser on Sep 21, 10 at 3:06am

    Bet there's a video tape of it floating somewhere *giggle*

  • Submitted by dirty5thirty on Sep 21, 10 at 2:09pm

    The 'non drinking version' of never have I ever. What is America coming to? Let's all play a rousing game of water pong later.

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    Submitted by Gleicheniaceae on Nov 14, 10 at 2:57am

    Is the OP a fucking teen or something? No one at any college would play the non-drinking version of this...

  • Submitted by ilovewhores on Sep 20, 10 at 9:01pm

    i like the competive spirit. everybody loves a winner

  • Submitted by SharpieBandit on Oct 30, 10 at 2:11am

    How I play it: you start with 5 fingers, whoever gets to 0 after the go around drinks.

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    Submitted by highasballs on Dec 26, 12 at 11:02pm

    I drew the duck blue cause I've always wanted to see a blue duck. Quacktastic