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  • Submitted by vballer15 on Aug 1, 10 at 5:09pm


  • Submitted by kmomokbs on Aug 1, 10 at 9:30pm

    car sex like a boss

  • Submitted by anonymousttt on Aug 1, 10 at 5:53pm

    Is there no happy medium anymore?...

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    Submitted by Briannaaaaa on Aug 1, 10 at 10:50pm

    I hate when this confusion. Of course either way is good,'s nice to have clarification.

  • Submitted by Steak_Knife on Aug 1, 10 at 5:09pm


  • Submitted by sexy_superwoman on Aug 1, 10 at 5:49pm

    Lol I've asked my friend that question before.

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      Submitted by deeminbuni on Aug 9, 10 at 7:12pm

      Haha I've been asked this question before.

  • Submitted by Young_Quake09 on Aug 2, 10 at 6:42am

    Alex, can i have "intercourse in the backseat of this car" for 1000, daily double!

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    Submitted by DanTheMon on Aug 1, 10 at 6:23pm


  • Submitted by wooowduuude12 on Aug 2, 10 at 2:51am

    Sexual intercourse?? People still say that?

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    Submitted by Samia on Aug 2, 10 at 11:09am

    Dr_sparkles, Memphis is failing because of dumbasses like you who can't spell.

  • Submitted by NotApplicable on Aug 2, 10 at 1:06am

    Is there any text not about sex, drugs, or alcohol?

  • Submitted by justsaying on Aug 1, 10 at 9:02pm

    How about cleaning his place, fix breakfast and put it the fridge for the morning, and suck him off before leaving? That would be a keeper

  • Submitted by arthurlux on Aug 1, 10 at 5:36pm

    Backseat if

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Aug 1, 10 at 5:14pm

    That was annoying

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    Submitted by machiavelli on Aug 2, 10 at 5:18am

    In a Sennana I can have intercourse and watch a movie, two even if I feel like it cuz that shit has the two independent screens in the head rest!!! Thank you televsion.

  • Submitted by Livindeadgrl on Aug 1, 10 at 8:32pm

    Memphis you do the city proud. Lol

  • Submitted by gtfo_asshats on Aug 2, 10 at 5:33am

    Hang out means "spend time together casually". If you mean fuck, just say fuck.

  • Submitted by dalilsmurf on Aug 1, 10 at 11:57pm

    Haha hell ya

  • Submitted by Dr_sparkles on Aug 2, 10 at 1:14am

    Hmm I'm from Memphis many bla...der control issius. I think that's why this cities problem all these fucking bladder control problems won't get jobs....

    • Submitted by necrocat on Aug 2, 10 at 9:43am

      Hey dr sparkles, why don't you go fuck yourself, you neo Nazi asshole?

  • Submitted by Dr_sparkles on Aug 2, 10 at 7:57pm

    I'm on the iPod app, thus it's quite hard to use correct grammar. \nWithout paying colse attenotion :)

  • Submitted by candhearts on Aug 2, 10 at 10:33pm

    Hahhaha yeah who says sexual intercourse anymore???!!

  • Submitted by kingdingaling50 on Aug 1, 10 at 9:33pm

    Trashy ass whore.. I mean holy shit why don't you just fuck in a bed

    • Submitted by anonymous8906 on Aug 1, 10 at 11:02pm

      accidentally "thumbs upped" this, feel the need to take it back. some of us college students home for the summer don't want to fuck in our parents' houses, thanks.

      • Submitted by RRstr926 on Aug 2, 10 at 4:32pm

        haha, so true...thank goodness for the sexpedition

  • Submitted by IMRONBURGUNDY on Aug 2, 10 at 3:27am

    Why the fuck won't my messages post??