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  • Submitted by RelevantQuotes on Jul 31, 10 at 12:53am

    The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on. - Robert Bloch

  • Submitted by rmbtrumpet on Jul 30, 10 at 2:36pm

    hey there officer, my name is George W. Bush...

  • Submitted by shawtayy609 on Aug 3, 10 at 4:02pm

    how often do you get arrested in Maine?

  • Submitted by TheRuleBook on Jul 30, 10 at 2:39pm

    Rule: Everytime you get arrested, expecially in Maine, You must use the name of your least favorite friend. No exceptions. (Maine is TheRuleBook state!!!)

  • Submitted by Belle77 on Jul 30, 10 at 2:53pm

    I love it. Sounds like me lol.

  • Submitted by bluegirl25 on Jul 30, 10 at 2:52pm

    At least they gave their friend a heads up... cops’ll figure it out its the wrong person soon enough, then the friend gets revenge by turning the asshole in.. What a bunch of idiots.

  • Submitted by whoremonesx3 on Jul 30, 10 at 2:38pm

    That's messed up.

  • Submitted by kcs99 on Aug 1, 10 at 2:13am

    That's what friends are for ?!?? Sounds like something my loser brother would pull.

  • Submitted by nabacleis on Aug 5, 10 at 10:03am

    That better not be one of my friends.

  • Submitted by kjg04 on Jul 30, 10 at 11:01pm

    U must hang out at Old Orchard Beach lol

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    Submitted by APromiseToBurn on Jul 30, 10 at 6:31pm

    I think this is a pretty GENIUS idea XD

  • Submitted by legonut4 on Jul 30, 10 at 2:35pm

    It's funny because he uses someone elses I'D so he doesn't get in trouble

  • Submitted by abc101 on Jul 30, 10 at 6:55pm

    Rhode island knows how to do it right(: