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  • Submitted by regalbeagle on May 13, 10 at 2:14pm

    He probably just wanted one last tug.

  • Submitted by 9crimes on May 14, 10 at 11:50pm

    aww that's a sweet dean

  • Submitted by KaiserBlade on May 13, 10 at 4:00pm

    Hey that's my area code CT!! Must have been SCSU haha

  • Submitted by Anonymous on May 13, 10 at 2:45pm

    Awww how sweet. SURPRISE BUTSECKS!!!!!!1!1!1!!1

  • Submitted by dman01989 on May 16, 10 at 3:00am

    Calm down, Degu_Boy...

  • Submitted by Chuck_Bass_FTW on May 15, 10 at 11:36am

    That's what I call a hands on faculty.

  • Submitted by canonymous on May 13, 10 at 2:06pm

    well he call also catch back your hair doing something else!but lets leave this though until you actually dont get a diploma and only this time you would prolly have a handshake with his.....

    • Submitted by etak1086 on May 13, 10 at 5:27pm

      Umm...were you trying to make sense with that comment? Try reading something out loud before you post next time.

    • Submitted by bfchkbach on May 14, 10 at 2:09am

      haha yeah, or maybe just don't post because your status as "literate" is questionable

  • Submitted by lh1220 on May 13, 10 at 10:18pm

    Doubt this happened

  • Submitted by Degu_Boy on May 14, 10 at 3:01am

    In Soviet Russia, hair hold back dean!

  • Submitted by gwmclean on May 13, 10 at 2:03pm