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  • With a warning like that you have no right to be surprised if he does turn out to be a douche bag

    Submitted by Griffmaster01 on May 11, 10 at 10:07am
  • You deserve what you get then. Dumbass.

    Submitted by WorstTextEver on May 11, 10 at 1:03pm
  • This has to be one of my favorites because I have been with a guy that had a mom that said something like that and she was right very right but I was warned..

    Submitted by cardinals7 on May 11, 10 at 1:57pm
  • From West Virginia, OF COURSE!!!

    Submitted by Crash_Underride on May 12, 10 at 11:52am
  • dude some mom's are just heartless bitches. reproduction doesn't make you a saint. end of story.

    Submitted by Anonymousssss on May 11, 10 at 10:32am
  • His mom is an awesome wingman.. There is a reason why they say nice guys finish last you know

    Submitted by evrythngisrltv on May 11, 10 at 12:35pm
  • You were warned - You reap what you sow. Or, what he sows, I suppose...

    Submitted by DFree on May 11, 10 at 7:06pm
  • god bless girls like you. you make my job so much easier.

    Submitted by east on May 11, 10 at 7:17pm
  • Been there

    Submitted by tiff1217 on May 11, 10 at 4:42pm
  • First! I'd like to thank my mum and dad...

    Submitted by Anonymous on May 11, 10 at 9:52am
  • I had a guys mother ask me if he had beaten me yet the first time I ever met her.... She insisted he would.. He never did

    Submitted by pencil707 on Mar 19, 12 at 4:31am
  • Woww, it must be bad if his MOM hates his ass.

    Submitted by notfromearth7 on Dec 24, 10 at 5:32am
  • My mom has described me well

    Submitted by bigjwin on Aug 14, 12 at 7:05pm