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  • Submitted by Phys on May 6, 10 at 5:59pm

    Have fun getting your bail revoked

  • Submitted by BlackSheepParty on May 6, 10 at 5:38pm

    some people just don't learn.

  • Submitted by schlock on May 6, 10 at 5:29pm

    It's funny because most people coming home from court would likely try to avoid illegal activities for awhile.

  • Submitted by sexylexi on May 6, 10 at 11:40pm

    Way to go 708, I'm from the 708 and am beaming with pride

  • Submitted by Thanks4LastNight on May 6, 10 at 6:06pm

    Your mother and I did some things that may have been illegal too...tell her thanks for last night

  • Submitted by Toam918 on May 6, 10 at 6:46pm

    Shit that's what I did when I got falsley accused fuck you all on your high horses

  • Submitted by cfreymarc on May 6, 10 at 6:02pm

    Dig the hole deeper loser!

  • Submitted by michaelj28 on May 6, 10 at 5:17pm

    Ya that's smart... Awesome-1 smart-0

  • Submitted by RicoMagic on May 7, 10 at 6:07am

    That's a smart thing to do! Maybe then you can go back to court!

  • Submitted by freshness on May 7, 10 at 9:22am

    OH EM GEE you are soo cool for that shit... what a badass... oh wait no that's not what i meant; I meant you're a retard...

  • Submitted by heyychitown on May 6, 10 at 6:49pm

    Good old Illinois. :D

  • Submitted by grandmasboy on May 7, 10 at 2:07pm

    People do illegal things every day without even realizing's a vice fuck it

  • Submitted by sexythang0526 on May 6, 10 at 8:11pm


  • Submitted by GoldenMe on May 8, 10 at 2:48am

    ahh boy, it's good to have goals I guess

  • Submitted by ZzKhalifaZz on Feb 10, 11 at 6:45am

    All day long baby. Lmfao.

  • Submitted by shizzlle on May 6, 10 at 6:55pm


    • Submitted by anonymousss00 on May 7, 10 at 2:59am

      A-town? 708 is more than one town, dipshit.

  • Submitted by canonymous on May 6, 10 at 5:29pm

    ironic huh?\nor lets just call you a bad ass