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  • Submitted by Herschel on May 3, 10 at 1:32pm

    Only drinks patron, only has sex with penis. What's your problem?

  • Submitted by JackBerton on May 3, 10 at 1:45pm

    Quality of drink, Quantity of men... She has a system damn it!

  • Submitted by hooah33 on May 3, 10 at 1:30pm

    Yeah, these are likely related. More alcohol pickyness, less love interest pickyness

  • Submitted by 425guy on May 3, 10 at 1:28pm

    Could be the Patron just makes them better....

  • Submitted by east on May 4, 10 at 5:08pm

    insert derogatory racial slur

  • Submitted by wildcat2010 on May 3, 10 at 1:27pm

    Yes it is

  • Submitted by linelegacy on May 4, 10 at 2:28pm

    marry me!!

  • Submitted by wdrake3 on May 3, 10 at 8:31pm

    Being a stuck up bitch at the bar has it's down sides.

  • Submitted by DrunkScottishGuy on May 3, 10 at 10:36pm

    In Tampa, u get wut u get

  • Submitted by StallionDavis on May 3, 10 at 1:29pm

    How's Aushwitz?

  • Submitted by You_Fail on May 3, 10 at 11:09pm

    Woah it's Kentucky again. ^^

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    Submitted by nitro420 on Jul 27, 12 at 6:37pm

    The patron is the reason for the lack of pickiness in men