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  • Submitted by mandingo on Apr 23, 10 at 10:19am

    I saved a kid the other day.. What do I get??? Put it in your ass? Deep throat?

    • Submitted by teletubbydroid on Apr 23, 10 at 7:31pm

      You get charged for child molestation by the parents.

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    Submitted by Po1sonator on Apr 24, 10 at 10:32am

    Did the turtle like his bj?

  • Submitted by gutsout on Apr 23, 10 at 1:34pm

    Fake or not, that text's lame. All tfln is talking about these days is guys deserving blowjobs for random shit they've done. Why not giving a bj for the pleasure of doing it instead of giving it as a reward?

    • Submitted by Herschel on Apr 23, 10 at 9:32pm

      Meh? Personally I care less about why and more about how many.

  • Submitted by whurt86 on Apr 23, 10 at 1:48pm

    Bitch all you want, I'm saving more turtles haha

  • Submitted by Virgin4Lyfe on Apr 23, 10 at 3:20pm

    I just can't wrap my head around why everyone is getting so pissed off at a girl giving a blow job.

  • Submitted by Drummerx94 on Apr 24, 10 at 6:05am

    L O C A L S L A M P I G! Hahaha

  • Submitted by heavyweight420 on Apr 23, 10 at 11:06am

    there was another one of these where he quoted dr suess and deserved a bj. fake. and dumb m.

  • Submitted by bananastand on Apr 23, 10 at 11:01am

    he's lying

  • Submitted by marsrover on Apr 23, 10 at 10:14am

    Well of course, who doesn't?

  • Submitted by trke0302 on Apr 23, 10 at 11:53am

    Bitches will find any excuse to suck a dick I guess...

  • Submitted by purpleispretty on Apr 23, 10 at 12:11pm

    Awwww yay for him!!!!

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    Submitted by Sweeney508 on Jun 18, 12 at 12:41pm

    Not fake I posted this a few years back, she texted this to my buddy after I saved a snapper crossing the road and she was not my girlfriend just a random slut.

  • Submitted by blancolex300 on Apr 23, 10 at 11:31pm

    Score for a masshole slore

  • Submitted by LordZorthan on Apr 23, 10 at 10:24am

    Fake or she's a slut

    • Submitted by Herschel on Apr 23, 10 at 10:07pm

      Why are you assuming that the guy isn't her boyfriend?

  • Submitted by cbtango on Apr 23, 10 at 6:56pm

    No he didn't

  • Submitted by Stotan1228 on Apr 24, 10 at 12:20am

    Now we can use it for soup!

  • Submitted by soccerplaya5 on Apr 23, 10 at 10:13am

    Dumb as fuckk.

  • Submitted by roxxiieee on Apr 25, 10 at 4:42pm

    Uhmm , lets cheer this..S L U T whats that spell??? Veryy slutty !

  • Submitted by britty177 on Apr 23, 10 at 11:07am

    This is definetly fake.. I recall reading a similar one. Lame.