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  • Had a chick back into my car at a stop sign on campus, and when the campus cop got there I said "Don't worry, I already called the real police if that's what you were about to do." ...this was due to my actual misunderstanding of their authority, though...and I LOL'ed when he started filling out the report and I realized what just happened. I don't think he understood...

    Submitted by Siress on Apr 17, 10 at 6:27pm
  • With zip ties

    Submitted by w2010 on Apr 17, 10 at 4:41pm
  • Don't call them rental cops either.. That really pisses them off.

    Submitted by skullcandyy on Apr 17, 10 at 6:12pm
  • Hoosier.

    Submitted by 5UPTOWN5 on Aug 18, 10 at 11:03pm
  • Haha yeah... I found out the hard way freshman year. Bastards.

    Submitted by noshitsherlock on Apr 17, 10 at 4:58pm
  • I call those guys 2.5's bc they're only 1/2 cops.

    Submitted by PIchillin456 on Apr 18, 10 at 11:54pm
  • LMAO

    Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 17, 10 at 4:28pm
  • Duhhhhhhhh

    Submitted by emilywodka on Apr 19, 10 at 1:02am
  • welcome to grand valley state university in allendale michigan where campus police is all we have...

    Submitted by drunkdancer60 on Apr 19, 10 at 8:21pm
  • Yes they can. Boooooooo

    Submitted by webohio86 on Apr 17, 10 at 4:13pm
  • 812 ftw

    Submitted by Elosborn on Apr 17, 10 at 7:31pm
  • You douche

    Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 17, 10 at 7:47pm
  • Lol, I'm still a freshman and thanks to campus police I am the only occupant in my 4 person suite, and I already know the whole night shift(and drug dog) by name.

    Submitted by arnettia on Apr 19, 10 at 12:33am
  • thats typically what police do.

    Submitted by dudemitch on Apr 18, 10 at 7:01am
  • duu dumb-ass!

    Submitted by bighjg on May 18, 11 at 7:32pm
  • 

    Submitted by sircohan on May 31, 10 at 11:43pm