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  • Submitted by Nemeth on Apr 4, 10 at 6:38pm

    Fucking hilarious

  • Submitted by darthvader20 on Apr 4, 10 at 11:37am

    Alright, who else wishes they could have seen this go down?

    • Submitted by etak1086 on Apr 5, 10 at 3:13am

      It's great to watch, but even more fun to do! Anything you eat, drink, or smock on horseback automatically doesn't count!

  • Submitted by mordantmouth on Apr 4, 10 at 12:09pm

    If that's the worst decision you've ever made, then your just not trying hard enough.

  • Submitted by anonymous223 on Apr 4, 10 at 11:42am


  • Submitted by kold2day on Apr 9, 10 at 12:04am

    Between drunken rock climbing and drunken horseback riding, some of the worst decisions I have made...

  • Submitted by cfreymarc on Apr 4, 10 at 12:50pm

    Try drunk hang gliding!

  • Submitted by JockeyGirl on Apr 4, 10 at 4:09pm

    Wow u have to be REALLY drunk AND stupid to do this.

  • Submitted by silverosepetals on Apr 5, 10 at 11:43pm

    Ur an idiot...esp if u didn't know how to ride to begin with...

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 4, 10 at 12:24pm

    But horseback ridin on mushrooms was my best decision! Lol

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 4, 10 at 7:08pm

    Haha I have mimosa Fridays with my horse friends and we see who can jump their horses the highest before falling off or throwing up, best deceaion ever

  • Submitted by burnquist764 on Apr 4, 10 at 12:29pm

    No no no, drunken ice skating is far worse. Never try it

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    Submitted by aerosparrow on Apr 4, 10 at 11:39am

    @darth: me. that's really too bad, though; i would think it would be pretty awesome. akin to riding you're bike while drunk (which is both fun and dangerous), only the horse knows to not run into things.

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 4, 10 at 1:55pm

    Haha ur nuts would hurt so bad

  • Submitted by Shuya on Apr 4, 10 at 2:17pm

    at least they weren't also naked and getting tazed by a cop like a girl I went to highschool with.

  • Submitted by glamourguitar on Apr 8, 10 at 8:24am

    I do to

  • Submitted by weeweebee on Apr 4, 10 at 11:36pm

    I have done this and it SUCKS!