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  • Submitted by 86swonavy on Mar 31, 14 at 12:20pm

    Now that's one awesome wife!!

  • Submitted by belias22 on Mar 31, 14 at 5:08pm

    I kind of NEED to know the context for this lol

  • Submitted by rikie83 on Apr 1, 14 at 1:42am

    Guess drunk sex didn't pan out as you hoped?

  • Submitted by texastextwhore on Apr 2, 14 at 4:05am

    Jameson, Bitch.

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    Submitted by wogerwamjet on Apr 1, 14 at 4:26am

    K mum

  • Submitted by Batrastard on Apr 1, 14 at 7:37pm

    Your husband isn't old enough to be accountable for his own drunk?!!

  • Submitted by Dioneo on Mar 31, 14 at 12:42pm

    Shouldn't your husband be your best friend?

  • Submitted by AngrySailor on Mar 31, 14 at 10:35am

    STFU cvnt.

  • Submitted by slucketlist on Apr 2, 14 at 1:33am

    Shut up you dumb bitch! He obviously got wasted because of your overbearing (and quite oversized) ass. Sounds like u need a drink and a good screwing