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  • He is a keeper.

    Submitted by HeatherGdubV on Jul 29, 13 at 5:07pm
  • Open mouth, insert foot. Seriously, guys, if you like bigger women, there are ways to compliment them on their appearance without making an ass of yourself.

    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Jul 29, 13 at 6:35pm
  • I'm sure he meant that you are lovely. An inelegant attempt but he might be easy to train.

    Submitted by revjim on Jul 29, 13 at 9:54pm
  • maybe have a talk with him about unacceptable phrases to say top women...I.e. anything where you imply she is any kind of fat.

    Submitted by Kevin201 on Jul 29, 13 at 5:59pm
  • Big tits instead of Thunder thighs!

    Submitted by MILF68 on Jul 29, 13 at 4:25pm
  • is that like"so ugly its cute"

    Submitted by doiou2 on Jul 29, 13 at 5:50pm
  • Rubenesque is beautiful!

    Submitted by CrazyManNo9 on Jul 30, 13 at 11:45am
  • A fat chick is like riding a moped. It's fun, but you don't want your friends to know you did it

    Submitted by ck24 on Jul 29, 13 at 9:47pm
  • Most men's crime is only being honest.

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Jul 30, 13 at 11:00am
  • Heard that myself, compliment all the way.

    Submitted by bngirl1 on Jul 29, 13 at 9:25pm
  • Eighty Eight

    Submitted by Eightyeight on Jul 29, 13 at 4:19pm
  • Chubby cute that's a good thing

    Submitted by weatherford on Jul 30, 13 at 8:21am
  • ...."then I set fire to the rain, watched it burn...." lmao

    Submitted by TaC42o on Aug 1, 13 at 12:23am