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  • actually, you sound more like the crazy one.

    Submitted by ledonna on Jul 16, 13 at 4:40pm
  • you don't pierece your clit unless you don't want to feel anything from now on, pierce the hood.

    Submitted by corrond56 on Jul 16, 13 at 7:54pm
  • I'm intrigued and slightly aroused..

    Submitted by ck24 on Jul 16, 13 at 11:09pm
  • "Ow"? Yeah, I'm gonna go with ow.

    Submitted by Rotarrin on Jul 21, 13 at 8:23am
  • owwch! there's a lesson in life for every girl. This doesn't sound like a good idea even if a sane girl did it

    Submitted by rdm on Jul 16, 13 at 4:12pm
  • At least it wasn't a knitting needle.

    Submitted by DerKarismatisch on Oct 5, 13 at 12:03am
  • ...and who doesn't own an autoclave. Please, if you're going to pierce body parts, get a professional to do it.

    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Jul 16, 13 at 10:18pm