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  • Sounds like the problem was that she was using her hand instead of her vagina.

    Submitted by NJ_Pablo on Jul 13, 13 at 9:56am
  • Um yea.... They're Mormons dude

    Submitted by ladyivey on Jul 13, 13 at 12:06pm
  • Girls at BYU don't know how to handle a penis because they've never seen one. Mormons are the most sexual frustrated and confused bunch of them all. God help them.

    Submitted by ShutUp10 on Jul 13, 13 at 8:25pm
    • Believe me...I lived in Utah for a while (I'm Atheist and lesbian and didn't really fit in there, but regardless) and met plenty of girls from BYU. Guys too. This seems to be a recurring problem among them.

      Submitted by musicalfanzine on Jul 20, 13 at 1:39am
  • Maybe she was trying to make it bigger.

    Submitted by ashannen25 on Jul 13, 13 at 10:13pm
  • What did you expect?

    Submitted by MILF68 on Jul 13, 13 at 10:38am
  • They just need more experience. The school does bring 'em young...

    Submitted by cp1342 on Jul 13, 13 at 7:52pm
  • The main reason that I love this is that I was once an Atheist and partygoer living in Utah, and I encountered many drunk girls from BYU who seemed to have a very similar it a Mormon thing? Is that why, when I declared myself an atheist, they began asking me how it is properly done? Does being a female atheist college student in Utah suddenly make you the expert on handjobs, regardless of the fact that I'm lesbian?

    Submitted by musicalfanzine on Jul 20, 13 at 1:38am
  • Look at it this way: she liked it so much, she wanted to take it home. To that end, there's a "plaster caster" kit you can buy.

    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Jul 13, 13 at 4:32pm
  • stop bitching and start teaching...

    Submitted by indyainkk on Jul 16, 13 at 5:37am