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    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Jun 27, 13 at 9:58pm

    Peoples' RIGHTS should not be subject to popular vote. That'd be like three wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner.

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    Submitted by FADNET on Jun 27, 13 at 10:39am

    btw, I'd feel the same way if the people of California had voted FOR ghey marriage and the courts declared it illegal.

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    Submitted by suburbanranger on Oct 1, 13 at 4:46pm

    Double congrats! Also, congrats to the other commenters for missing both of the two possible angles of this post and leaping immediately to the numbnuts political tangent.

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    Submitted by UninformedVote on Jun 27, 13 at 1:31pm

    Congress unbiased? Duty bound? Are you high? As for better educated, that's open since most American voters are fucking mouth-breathing-morons. Sry, those who vote based on feelings and emotion have no place in grown-up politics. U need to read more and watch less Daily Show

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      Submitted by Shenaningeneer on Jun 28, 13 at 10:45am

      There's no place for people who write "U need" and "Sry" in grown up politics. I'll take your position more seriously when you write like a fucking adult. I actually agree that people need to read more, but you make an odd point- fun fact, the Daily Show and the Colbert Report have the most highly educated viewership of any cable "news" program.

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    Submitted by FADNET on Jun 27, 13 at 10:37am

    yeah. because we wouldn't want the will of the people to prevail. (and I know that this is going to get alot of negative comments. idc)

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    Submitted by tracilynne40 on Jun 28, 13 at 5:29am

    Like ALL straight people are able to have loving, successful relationships...why should y'all care if gays get married?? What possible, personal harm are committing against YOU? NONE! Grow up! Live and let live!

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    Submitted by rwool13 on Jun 27, 13 at 10:46pm

    live and let live. geez.

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    Submitted by 666daBEAST on Jun 27, 13 at 10:43am

    Those who stand in congress are far more educated and duty bound to vote unbiased towards anything. Fact is, the will of the people would have kept blacks as slaves and 2/3 of a person politically. Congress was created knowing how easily swayed the masses are. And how ignorant in general people tend to be

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      Submitted by sonicdeathmonkey on Jun 28, 13 at 12:58pm

      That's vacuous. You really shouldn't lead with "fact is" when it's not actually a fact.

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      Submitted by dancr617 on Jun 29, 13 at 1:20am

      yeah, it was actually three fifths!

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    Submitted by Binders_of_Women on Jun 27, 13 at 11:55pm

    At 666 - actually we only viewed them as three fifths. Review your country's history before getting up on your soap box next time.

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    Submitted by FADNET on Jun 27, 13 at 11:05am

    666, I literally do not have the space to deal with the irrelevance and ignorance displayed in your statement. I do mean that as an insult. I really don't. but you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about in the slightest.

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    Submitted by FADNET on Jun 27, 13 at 10:40am

    it would let me spell "g*y" correctly....llolololol old

  • Submitted by cwelkman on Jun 27, 13 at 1:04pm

    Only good thing is that you aren't reproducing. It's horrible that those homo's get rights.