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  • Yeah, how old is this girl? Go directly to jail, do not pass "Go," do not collect $200.

    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Jun 21, 13 at 8:19pm
  • How young is this girl? Most over 18 females know how to play monopoly. Hope you enjoy jail.

    Submitted by cwelkman on Jun 21, 13 at 3:58pm
  • Capitalism at its best.

    Submitted by countryboy99 on Jun 21, 13 at 3:54pm
  • who the fuck doesn't know how to play monopoly? she must be highasballs

    Submitted by highasballs on Jun 21, 13 at 4:05pm
  • How many times did he lick my anus? At least 87, only he knows exactly the number of times his swollen tongue penetrated my butthole.

    Submitted by RoffMain on Jun 21, 13 at 4:21pm
  • Eighty Eight

    Submitted by Eightyeight on Jun 21, 13 at 3:53pm
    • Number of times Hatey-hate's "Uncle" made him wear a bra while he monopolized his anus

      Submitted by SnidelyKWhiplash on Jun 22, 13 at 9:56am
  • Hi, I'm Chris Hansen ....

    Submitted by cocksmith on Jun 22, 13 at 12:04am