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    Submitted by jedi_dropout on Jun 18, 13 at 6:06pm

    "This is my brother Thunder, my brother Lightning, my brother Pain, and my brother Hospitalization..."

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    Submitted by CrazyManNo9 on Jun 18, 13 at 2:50pm

    I see it coming now... Win, Win, Win, and.... (wait for it)... WIN!!!

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    Submitted by karma13 on Jun 18, 13 at 7:38pm

    Chicks get so much shit for doing way less than this. Stay classy guys.

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    Submitted by Soulburn on Jun 19, 13 at 12:35pm

    Honey came in and she caught him red-handed creeping with the girl next door

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    Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Jun 22, 13 at 4:54am

    That dude has to have some serious balls to cheat on a girl that has 4 older brothers. And if she's the only girl of the family she's definitely the princess and a daddy's girl. So after the bothers beat him within an inch of his life, the dad will probably rip his dick off and shove it in to his mouth and watch him slowly bleed out

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    Submitted by TexasQ on Jun 19, 13 at 5:49pm

    Hard to argue with that kind of logic!!

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    Submitted by hogfish on Dec 24, 13 at 4:27pm

    Thanks sis!

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    Submitted by Unkn0wn_0ne on Jun 19, 13 at 6:18pm

    Based on the OP's text, her four older brothers are the ones that are going to beat his ass...

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    Submitted by littletitties on Jun 19, 13 at 5:22am

    Should have joined in

  • Submitted by joshua_valentine on Jun 18, 13 at 2:33pm

    Your fault for trying to be monogamous when it isn't human nature!