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  • Ck shouldn't you be bitching in the fox news forums about obamacare? They miss you there.

    Submitted by ReesesPoofs on Jun 9, 13 at 9:51pm
  • @ck24 why should you care? With that attitude, it's not like you're likely to get any of them, even if they did switch teams.

    Submitted by dorjan on Jun 9, 13 at 6:12pm
  • I am more entertained by the comments from guys stating "you wouldn't know what to do with it anyway." \nOrly?\nCause I am sure I have a better idea how to please a vagina, seeing as how I have one and all..

    Submitted by Skwiish on Jun 12, 13 at 2:53am
  • Lesbians know. Believe me. The straight girls love us......over and over and over again!

    Submitted by amaslapper on Jun 9, 13 at 4:08pm
    • Depends what lesbian you are? One of those butch trolls or the hot ones who should be strait... Fucking lesbians you can keep the fat and ugly give us the rest back

      Submitted by ck24 on Jun 9, 13 at 4:30pm
      • Butches need love too....and the way you talk about women youre gonna be meeting lots of "lesbians" in your life time....dick

        Submitted by megizzle07 on Jun 10, 13 at 1:50am
  • I wish I could "like" a comment on here. You tell him, Reesespoofs!

    Submitted by anaraesia on Jun 10, 13 at 9:21am
  • who gives a shit? You don't know what to do with them anyway.

    Submitted by Kevin201 on Jun 9, 13 at 4:05pm
  • The truth of life in this text.

    Submitted by Naysayer123 on Jun 10, 13 at 4:37pm
  • why is everyone blasting ck24? dudes fucking hilarious...

    Submitted by Shrekums on Jun 11, 13 at 2:40am