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  • Ever wonder what an asshole looks like when it is covered in plastic? Look at your driver's license.

    Submitted by bb28 on Jun 6, 13 at 4:38pm
  • And people wonder why they say in the not to far future 80% of the population is gonna have an STD of some kind. Here's your sign.

    Submitted by Axel5238 on Jun 6, 13 at 7:38pm
  • LOL you're a douche.

    Submitted by ooosnapple on Jun 6, 13 at 10:53pm
  • My name is DerKarismatisch and I'm a recovering grammar nazi. ("Hello, DerKarismatisch.") Today I judged a man for spelling yeah "Y-A".

    Submitted by DerKarismatisch on Sep 30, 13 at 11:51pm
  • No you didn't...

    Submitted by SserPrun95 on Jun 6, 13 at 11:13pm
  • Im sure your mothers are proud.. then again , got being a slut from somewhere.

    Submitted by rwool13 on Jun 7, 13 at 4:05am
  • Don't hate the player. Hate the game. If bitches are stupid enough to put with this shit, so be it. Pimps up. Hoes down.

    Submitted by BigBadWolf92782 on Jun 7, 13 at 3:47pm