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  • Submitted by Key_umm on May 31, 13 at 7:49pm

    All huge is good huge

  • Submitted by bananacray on May 31, 13 at 10:54pm

    Been there. Wtf do I do with this shit?

  • Submitted by icepick23 on May 31, 13 at 3:55pm

    I have no idea what this is about--confused.

  • Submitted by RiotOfTheWolves on Jun 1, 13 at 1:08am

    There is definitely such a thing as too big.

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      Submitted by hilary1014 on Jul 24, 14 at 2:27am

      You are probably too young then. DICK SIZE!!!!

  • Submitted by Phys on May 31, 13 at 1:27pm

    Big for a white guy or big even for a black guy in other words

  • Submitted by cfreymarc on May 31, 13 at 11:42pm

    Know a guy who more than one girl turned him down for being too huge.

  • Submitted by MissAsh562 on Jun 5, 13 at 2:13pm

    baby arm?