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  • More like "I'm 30, make money and don't need to hide deviant behavior with slang."

    Submitted by cfreymarc on May 17, 13 at 11:27am
  • anyone can do that

    Submitted by WV_kiwi on May 17, 13 at 10:44am
  • I thought 'getting bent' was like getting super pissed about something? Or another way to say go fuck yourself? Guess I'm old too...

    Submitted by jdboal on May 19, 13 at 12:36am
  • Cross fade is a hairstyle. Also, if you're 30, you should know the difference between your and you're. Hint: you're doing it wrong.

    Submitted by daisydukeluke on May 21, 13 at 1:30am
    • fyi: He/She did it right. You're wrong, watch _your_ words!

      Submitted by g2x on May 21, 13 at 5:11am
  • I'm with 305.

    Submitted by SovietStar on May 19, 13 at 1:22am
  • Its called getting twisted. No one uses crossfade or bent.

    Submitted by keto06 on May 17, 13 at 8:58pm
  • Haha, good tiiiimes...^_^

    Submitted by MegzEve007 on May 21, 13 at 9:58am