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  • Submitted by bombsquad907 on Apr 30, 13 at 8:43pm

    the orange juice in the screwdrivers must have kept him alive.

  • Submitted by paintblr20 on Apr 30, 13 at 6:07pm

    Psychotic and stupid what a combination

  • Submitted by kcs99 on May 1, 13 at 1:39am

    Don't think I'd be telling people that it took me forever to realize they were referring to drinks, SavagePsycho. Just sayin'.

  • Submitted by SavagePsycho on Apr 30, 13 at 5:41pm

    Oh my goodness, so I thought they meant actual screwdrivers, like the tool, and I was thinking, "that doesn't explain why your vomit smells like it came from Florida at all" it took me forever to realize they were talking about the drink. It makes much more sense now.

    • Submitted by forlorn420 on May 2, 13 at 7:54am

      is it bad that I did the same?

  • Submitted by W_T_F on Apr 30, 13 at 7:13pm

    If by Florida, you mean semen, yes, your vomit smells like Florida because you did a 50-man Florida snowbird bukkake and swallowed every drop.