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    Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Apr 20, 13 at 11:15pm

    It doesnt need to have facial expressions to show you that its happy. Its called having a boner! But if it was happy ALL THE TIME and thus you had wood 24/7 that would be terribly painful and uncomfortable. As well as probably always getting in the way.

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    Submitted by zero666 on Apr 19, 13 at 9:05pm

    @firstisworst. That's fucked up

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    Submitted by doiou2 on Apr 19, 13 at 6:51pm

    they can have personality. remember the box of cocks?

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    Submitted by rikie83 on Apr 19, 13 at 10:59pm

    He's happiest when he's sneezing.

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    Submitted by firstisworst on Apr 19, 13 at 4:33pm

    Until I slice it off.