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    Submitted by crockpot on Apr 14, 13 at 11:33am

    I'm gonna explain this one more time op: women's undergarments are not lost or forgotten they are taken as trophies.

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    Submitted by Massive_Attack on Apr 15, 13 at 3:48pm

    I don't even understand how a woman can forget a bra. If you need support, it should just be automatic to put it on FIRST.

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    Submitted by Romulus1969 on Apr 14, 13 at 1:09pm

    You'd think she'd be outta bras to lose by now.

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    Submitted by Mjolnir on Apr 18, 13 at 12:29am

    Must have small tits. A busty woman couldn't forget a bra.

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    Submitted by enitenite on Apr 15, 13 at 9:39am

    Maybe you should practice more. Nineoneeightsixtwoninefivefivetwoeight

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    Submitted by kin_in_in on Apr 15, 13 at 2:17pm

    Why do you take your bra off to suck?