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    Submitted by aquaeast387 on Apr 6, 13 at 12:50pm

    no one ever almost sticks there dick in something for no reason

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    Submitted by kcs99 on Apr 7, 13 at 1:44am

    Brings to mind the idiot who stuck his dick in a camping stove "for no reason". And ended up in ER.

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    Submitted by cwelkman on Apr 7, 13 at 3:14am

    What's sad is that your dick is small enough to fit

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    Submitted by cannabislecter on Apr 6, 13 at 12:12pm

    There's -always- a reason.

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    Submitted by Leigh_ofkent on Apr 6, 13 at 1:30pm

    I've had that thought too.\nUsually followed by where the fuck did that come from