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  • Submitted by Griffmaster01 on Mar 31, 13 at 10:49am

    Don't even bother apologizing, that bridge is burned

  • Submitted by Yeep on Mar 31, 13 at 10:56am

    The best way? Never ever, ever ever ever, come by here.

  • Submitted by BornPrincess on Mar 31, 13 at 8:56pm

    Say thanks for a great night; your roommate was awesome. \n\nBut seriously, screw him! He locked you out of his room naked! I mean, it sucks that you threw up on his bed, but this stuff happens. Doesn't justify him locking you out. Good for you for doing his roommate; hope it was awesome!

  • Submitted by Key_umm on Mar 31, 13 at 10:28am

    Maybe "sorry I'm a dirty whore"???

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    Submitted by nitro420 on Mar 31, 13 at 12:38pm

    The best way would be to never ever come back\nIf I brought you here, it was to fuck me, not my roommate. Esp after making a mess of my bed. bridge burned

  • Submitted by fly_bi_night on Apr 1, 13 at 7:51am

    Apologize for puking in the bed, nothing else. They locked the door. They made the decision sexy time was over, not you. Roommate took what was offered after it had been refused. Sounds like you traded up.

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      Submitted by Axel5238 on Apr 2, 13 at 9:34pm

      Yeah because why let some drunk mess throwing up ruin the mood? The guy that locked the door saved himself a headache and a probable std.

  • Submitted by koji8123 on Mar 31, 13 at 8:50pm

    Bridge burned. Don't bother apologizing when you screwed up that bad.

  • Submitted by parsons41286 on Mar 31, 13 at 8:35pm

    With your lips around a 12 gauge pump action