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    Submitted by andstuff on Mar 29, 13 at 3:16pm

    I bet it was a self diagnosed muscle tear.

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    Submitted by shitbat78 on Mar 29, 13 at 6:48pm

    Maybe she was in heels on her back?

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    Submitted by SkyyJunkie on Mar 29, 13 at 6:31pm

    Lol you didn't tear shit then. Bro, do you even lift?

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    Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Mar 29, 13 at 8:56pm

    She didnt say anything about doing something all evening. She could have been sitting on the couch and wearing heals all evening for all we know. Or she could have them over the back of her head getting pounded on by some dude. Who knows?

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      Submitted by jonathan171 on Mar 29, 13 at 11:04pm

      So basically what shitbat78 said?

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      Submitted by Yeep on Mar 30, 13 at 11:00am

      Blah blah blah, ramble rabble ramble.