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    Submitted by USSENTERNCC1701E on Mar 15, 13 at 4:50pm

    Jesus, some (many) loaders with back hoes have enclosed cabs. If you've never seen one, go ahead and do a google image search.

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    Submitted by resfur on Mar 15, 13 at 3:20pm

    Where's the button to send this crap post back to the idiot who sent it...

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    Submitted by nilesf1 on Apr 30, 13 at 10:34am

    I am doing this!

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    Submitted by MarkTDot on Mar 15, 13 at 3:04pm

    Must have been really high, since backhoes don't have interiors. Just a cage, dude. Your smoke got away.

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      Submitted by sagus on Mar 17, 13 at 12:27am

      You sir are an idiot.

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    Submitted by starV on Mar 15, 13 at 5:23pm

    @resfur, best response ever!