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  • Duh. Didn't your folks ever beat you with a belt?

    Submitted by AlkaliSam on Mar 12, 13 at 3:37pm
  • @arthurlux Whether someone wants marks like bruises or welts can vary. Often, people don't want to be in the position of having to explain welts or other marks to someone. Examples might be a partner they're cheating on (whether nonsexual S/M play is "cheating" is a whole other debate), a parent or roommate, a health care worker, or their friends at the gym. Not everyone differentiates between consensual S/M play and abuse for one reason or another.

    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Mar 12, 13 at 6:21pm
  • You're just finding this out? Noobs. Here I thought everybody knew "spank me hard enough to leave welts" was a thing you masochists asked for. Kids these days.

    Submitted by arthurlux on Mar 12, 13 at 3:52pm
  • Well Duh...

    Submitted by thatonegurl on Mar 12, 13 at 8:15pm
  • Actually, this is just a surprising realization shared between friends after a particularly spirited spank session. Jesus guys, so serious.

    Submitted by badasschick16 on Mar 12, 13 at 7:59pm
  • You'd think frat-bro would have learned this from when he was hazed.

    Submitted by fly_bi_night on Mar 13, 13 at 7:48am
  • Ahh ha!!! I need not say a thing

    Submitted by jpsulli6x on Mar 13, 13 at 8:53am
  • Umm if your friends at the gym are looking at your ass, you have a whole different set of issues.

    Submitted by daisydukeluke on Mar 13, 13 at 5:44pm
  • No kidding, what's next drinking too much is bad for your health? Or don't smoke pot and drive? Kids these days.

    Submitted by Axel5238 on Mar 13, 13 at 6:13am
  • How is this not common knowledge....

    Submitted by Leigh_ofkent on Jan 24, 16 at 10:08pm