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  • congrats. moving out of the friend zone. that shit is hard to do

    Submitted by Numnutz on Mar 5, 13 at 1:29pm
  • Wholesome friendship AND sex? Sounds like you're on to something there

    Submitted by boogerbutt on Mar 4, 13 at 3:31pm
    • Yeah, both look back three months from now and realize it's a relationship.

      Submitted by Yeep on Mar 4, 13 at 5:48pm
  • Sure. Just grab my dick and stroke it using a reciprocating hand motion

    Submitted by thirrteen on Mar 5, 13 at 3:56am
  • Seems more convenient to just go with the system of a "?" text if you want to be fuck buddies for the night and an "!" response if the other person is heading over

    Submitted by Phys on Mar 4, 13 at 6:41pm
  • Secret handshake now that's a first lol ill take it...

    Submitted by linz32 on Mar 4, 13 at 5:08pm
  • Sure, here's the handshake. I will pull out my dick and you will put it in your mouth as a sign that we agree to fuck...

    Submitted by slothistotle on Mar 4, 13 at 5:02pm