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  • Damn it the secret is out!!!!!!

    Submitted by Vardar on Feb 4, 13 at 4:22pm
  • Thats where "gettin a hummer" came from. I dont get why girls think they wont like having a guy hum whilst eating their box? I mean doesnt EVERY girl absolutely love how a vibrator feels?! So now youve basically got a vibrating mouth! And what woman would turn that down?!

    Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Feb 4, 13 at 7:48pm
    • Hummer came from a hummed BJ. It was later adapted to cunnilingus. The more you know

      Submitted by redbaron2014 on Feb 5, 13 at 12:45pm
  • Good vibrations.

    Submitted by krashski35 on Feb 4, 13 at 9:14pm
  • Donkey might have unveiled the secret all women have needed since inception of plastics!

    Submitted by pipe4tom on Feb 4, 13 at 8:20pm
  • Most women are afraid of the echo!

    Submitted by olderthanyou on Feb 4, 13 at 9:56pm
  • It's the same as whistling while you work, but it only takes one unfortunate incident to learn that keeping your lips together and blowing doesn't have the desired effect.

    Submitted by Micholder on Feb 4, 13 at 10:24pm
  • Suck it and use a finger to make happy then hum in the after glow!

    Submitted by pipe4tom on Feb 4, 13 at 6:51pm
  • I have had songs from the Bleach Rock Musical hummed into my vagina.

    Submitted by EriYoshida on Feb 6, 13 at 8:05am
  • Yodeling in the canyon.

    Submitted by porksword on Feb 4, 13 at 9:40pm