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  • Submitted by anaraesia on Jan 21, 13 at 12:03pm

    That is sick and wrong. She should be reported for animal cruelty, not put on some website to be laughed at.

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    Submitted by gingerknowsbest on Jan 21, 13 at 12:52pm

    So wrong, yet so funny.

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    Submitted by Iamupinsmoke on Jan 23, 13 at 2:59am

    the next phelps in the making

  • Submitted by Iminabox on Jan 21, 13 at 4:15pm

    People take shit too seriously on here. If you can't take a joke, gtfo. And if killing a fish is cruel than I guess the fishermen are screwed.

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    Submitted by riles11h on Jan 22, 13 at 1:37am

    It's a fish. Please.

  • Submitted by Dsapeer on Jan 21, 13 at 1:41pm

    That's hilarious I'm doing it tonight.

  • Submitted by WaddleLikeAduck on Jan 21, 13 at 11:59am


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    Submitted by katypsu620 on Apr 7, 13 at 10:00am

    That's shitty as hell