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  • One for the muff, one for the ruff, two to keep kids out of mom's stuff

    Submitted by W_T_F on Dec 28, 12 at 12:48pm
  • Wrong website, FML is thataway -> . Also, YDI. Also, FSM forbid old people have a libido.

    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Dec 28, 12 at 1:12pm
  • Looks like you really do need that Xanax now haha

    Submitted by bigjwin on Dec 28, 12 at 12:14pm
  • She purposely put them there to distract u from the xanax

    Submitted by vicious_vamp on Dec 28, 12 at 12:15pm
  • Insta-karma

    Submitted by Yeep on Dec 28, 12 at 12:08pm
  • Lmfao at WTF's post. Also it serves OP right for looking through their mother's shit.

    Submitted by koji8123 on Dec 29, 12 at 12:00am
  • That is her Xanax, give it a whirl.

    Submitted by killmefirst on Dec 30, 12 at 7:44pm
  • Unnecessary use of the word 'like'. It IS the opposite of what you wanted. Unless she hides her Xanax inside the battery compartment, that sneaky snatch!

    Submitted by dpSkip on Dec 28, 12 at 3:03pm