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  • Submitted by budman999 on Dec 15, 12 at 12:42pm

    Sounds like your mom is just the typical Atlanta gold digging slut

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    Submitted by finalflash08 on Dec 15, 12 at 10:03am

    Marry him.

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    Submitted by ck24 on Dec 15, 12 at 1:36pm

    A girl with class born from a mom who is trash.. Oh the irony

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    Submitted by okieraider71 on Dec 15, 12 at 10:03am

    "Fake preggers" with a med student? Your mom thinks your only chance is your pussy. Won't work. Hate to say it , but I don't think you can slut your way thru this one. With a lot of chicks, If tits or pussy isn't enough they are shit out of luck.

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      Submitted by popyelle on Dec 26, 12 at 4:03pm

      the girl writing the text obviously doesn't agree with her mother...

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    Submitted by HKate16_umaine on Dec 15, 12 at 8:39pm

    amazing. enough said

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    Submitted by gigatexal on Dec 16, 12 at 7:07pm

    Holy fuck what a crazy ass mom

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    Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Dec 16, 12 at 7:54pm

    You don't need to fake a pregnancy. If you want to keep him just bring in another girl for a 3some. No way he'd get rid of you then. And way less work.

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    Submitted by quagmire_69 on Jan 14, 13 at 2:49am

    Dang!!!..All that from an intro??

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    Submitted by eightyeigt on Dec 18, 12 at 7:01pm


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    Submitted by AnnonWyo on Dec 15, 12 at 11:44am

    @okieraider71 stop being a hater. This is hilarious and you're just upset.

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      Submitted by ck24 on Dec 15, 12 at 1:59pm

      Now listen here cumdumpster,He brings up a valid point.So how about you shut the fuck up.

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    Submitted by OMG_A_DIGLETT on Dec 20, 12 at 9:39pm